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Personalized Medicine
For Every Patient

No Two Patients Are Alike

Saladax has been supplying laboratories worldwide with revolutionary diagnostic solutions for over 15 years. Our experience and expertise allow us to create leading products of high quality which offer reliable and rapid diagnosis. We believe that by providing laboratories with the right tools, we can improve health care worldwide.

Learn About the Role of Antipsychotic TDM in Clinical Decision Making

View this Educational Presentation On The Role Of Antipsychotic TDM In Clinical Decision Making Presented At The 2022 National College Of Psychiatric And Neurologic Pharmacists.


MyCare Psychiatry

MyCare Oncology

Our mission is to develop convenient and cost-effective blood tests for personalized dosing. Because no two patients are alike: we believe that personalized medicine can only be achieved when the right drug is administered at the right dose. Our focus is on the areas of Psychiatry and Oncology. Learn More

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